Research Volunteer Directory Use Protocol from External Requests


Application Form:

Please find the application form linked at the bottom of this page. Application forms must be completely filled out and emailed to [email protected]

What to include with the completed application:

Name and affiliation(s) of all members of the research team

Two-page study description with detailed methods

[Please describe research rationale and objectives, methodology or intervention, and expected outcomes from the study]

Copy of the IRB approval letter

One-page description of recruitment scripts and protocol to ensure cultural sensitivity

[Please describe how researchers will request participation and how anticipated risks will be addressed/explained to the community]

Conflict of Interest Statement/Disclosure

[Please indicate whether the research team members have an economic interest in or acts as an officer of any outside entity whose financial interest would reasonably appear to be affected.]


Review Process:

Executive Committee will perform a preliminary review to assure that the research volunteer directory is not being unduly pressed, and the studies have opportunity to succeed.

CLRC Co-leaders will present the research project to the Community Partner Board (CPB) members.

CPB members may submit questions to the researchers in order to clarify specific aspects of the research project, especially those regarding cultural sensitivity and recruitment practices.  Questions from CAB members can be addressed in person, via videoconference, conference call or in writing.

CPB members may send recommendations to researchers.

CPB members will evaluate and recommend approval or rejection of the revised research protocol.

Upon approval of the research protocol by the CPB and Executive Committee, MCCFAD personnel will: 1) send information about the approved research project to people in the Directory; or 2) share de-identified data with the researcher; or 3) share contact information separated from data, whichever applies.


Application form link (pdf)

Completed applications should be sent to [email protected]