Enrichment Program FAQs

1. Is the Research Scientist Enrichment Program open to international scientists?

No, to be eligible for the Research Scientist Enrichment Program you must reside in the United States. 

2. I am not a member of an underrepresented community but my research focuses on an underrepresented community(ies), would I be eligible for this program?

You’re eligible to apply if you are a member of an underrepresented group (ethnic/racial, first-generation college, socioeconomically disadvantaged or person with disabilities) and/or studying and demonstrating a sustained interest in advancing scientific research on the health of disadvantaged group(s). You do not need to be a member of the group you’re studying.

3. It states that funds cannot be used to purchase equipment in our budgets. Would a new laptop computer for data analysis be considered equipment?

A laptop could potentially be included in your budget. You have to justify why the particular device is necessary for the project and explain why the expense is not covered by indirect costs.

4. I noticed that the program is a collaboration between the following universities: Wayne State, University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan and Michigan State. Does this imply that junior scholars from other universities are not eligible for this program?

The MCCFAD Enrichment Program is open to all junior scholars from any U.S. 4 year, research oriented university.

5. Will I be assigned a mentor if my proposal is accepted?

Yes, you will be assigned a mentor/primary liaison, once you start the program. You and your primary liaison will work together to set up a mentorship team made up of 2 to 3 additional MCCFAD affiliated faculty members.