Community Advisory Board

The MCCFAD Community Advisory Board (CAB) is comprised of 7 community members. There are two CABs, one that consists of Arab Americans and other consists of Latino members. Each CAB is comprised of Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias (ADRD) caregivers or former caregivers, and community healthcare professionals. Inclusion of community leaders in the healthcare system helps to maintain relationships that promote change directed to better address the needs of the community. The CLRC encourage an active role for community members through the CAB, including advising on the integration of results into practice; the development of culturally sensitive measures; ensuring respect for the values, culture and social practices of each community; and ensuring the community benefits from the research. Face-to- face meetings with board members occur on a monthly basis.

Arab American Community Advisory Board

Left to right: Toni Antonucci, Melanie Baird, Nadiya Samhat, Mona Makki, Donna Jawad, Kristine Ajrouch, Laura Zahodne, Theresa Tejada, Noah Webster, Rose Khalifa and Nour Fakhoury.

Not pictured: Walid Gammouh, Bushra George, Elias Yammine.

Latino Community Advisory Board

From left to right: Carlos Pava, Teresa Cruz, Joy Spahn, Zayda Rodriguez, Ramona Alvarez, Lea Tobar, Irving Vega

In front: Veronica Quitino